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LED Light Meter


With an ergonomically designed sensor and a fine aperture with a precise calibration, the OmniCure® LED Light Meter helps ensure accurate and consistent measurements over a broad dynamic range from an OmniCure® LED UV curing system or any other LED UV source.
An accessory to the LED Light Meter is the OmniCure® Beam Positioning Kit which enables accurate beam alignment to consistently measure peak irradiance. The Beam Positioning Kit can be combined with the OmniCure® LED Light Meter and the LX400+ to provide a complete UV LED curing solution for assembly manufacturing.

Given that an LED UV source is not monochromatic or a broadband source, light measurements of the LED source can present unique challenges. In order to capture the responsivity of the narrow band wavelengths, choosing an appropriate sensor and performing precise calibrations of multi-point wavelengths is critical.
The OmniCure® LED Light Meter can measure power and irradiance by selecting a specific wavelength on the meter that corresponds to the wavelength of the LED UV source. This enables manufacturers to achieve greater accuracy with ease of use while maintaining reliable and controlled UV assembly processes.

Feature Benefit
Small Form Factor Can be easily adapted in a fixture or restricted space
Multi-point Wavelength Calibration Accurate irradiance/power measurements
Wide Linear Dynamic Range (50mW/cm² to 25W/cm² ) Ability to measure from wide variety of LED light sources
Peak Hold Function Detects peak measurement and records the value
NIST, NRC Traceable Traceability for QA process

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